Steffi Storz

I have got big visions and ideas! I can’t afford them all, but this is not going to stop me from having these visions and ideas!


A world where people respect each other and value nature.


Re-connect to nature and awaken the love for life and the attraction towards all other forms of life.

Discover the world by bike

Biking Nature is a bike journey around the world. In a sustainable way of traveling, I discover the unique beauty of nature, interview different people and organisation and get close to diverse cultures and traditions.

People around the world

People from all over the world present their own diverse stories. Immerse into different cultures, open up and enter other worldviews!

Be Natures

The sustainable Blog which launch BikingNature and PeopleAroundTheWorld.


Find all blog posts from BikingNature, PeopleAroundTheWorld and BeNatures!


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Explore the world

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