Be Natures

Be Natures

Go where you feel most alive


A world where people respect each other and value nature. It is a world where the social-ecological system is understood and people live in harmony with nature.


Together we explore the unique beauty of  nature, diverse people and cultures.  In this way we can strengthen our connection to nature, open up and understand different lifestyles.


BeNatures presents diverse people and organisations as well as natural processes and phenomena around the world.
Knowledge about natural processes, the attention and involvement of other cultures and the understanding of different lifestyles are essential for a sustainable development.

Biking Nature
  • Bike journey around the world.
  • Discovered in a sustainable way the unique beauty of nature.
  • Interviewed diverse people and organisations with different backgrounds and cultures to get insides of several worldviews.
  • Visit the Biking Nature Blog for more insides!
People around the world

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.”

In People around the world” people present their own diverse stories. I met these people personally and either interviewed them or kindly asked them to write their own story down. I want to thank all of those lovely people for the effort, time and participation!


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BeNatures is a project launched by Stef Storz.

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