Life – It´s yours, if you want it!

Five times in life I almost died. In those moments I felt how precious life is, little flashes deep in myself light up that says: It´s yours if you want it!

I don´t know why it happend to me, but now I want to experience life in its fullest. We have to make our life, because life is tough. But the beauty is, there is something inside us that will respond if we keep going! I really believe that! I want to really show this to myself, I looked in the mirror, looked me in the ayes and said: ” I will show you one day!”.

Life is short

I don´t know what life is, maybe all of it is just an illusion, a dream. What I know is that life is short and I want to experience all of it! This is why I decide all the time to leave my comfort zone.

Life is beautiful

Life does not bring you a lot of unhappiness, it brings a lot of happiness.
It´s relativ, depends how you handle it.


Leaving my comfort zone and explore the world is one of the important thing to me in life. I have to open up for different cultures, people with other worldviews and diverse lifestyles.
I challenge myself and try to understand and comprehend them all, in order to make sense of the interconnected world.


I´m curious, not just about different people and cultures. I love sciences and just graduated my Bachelors Degree in Environmental Sciences and International Forestry. I can´t wait to continue my Masters in Ecological Management of Mountain Areas.


Doing sports in nature is freedom. Mountain biking, trail running, climbing or yoga. The list of my favorite sports is long and I love to try all of them 🙂

>>  © Stefanie Storz <<

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