Life is what you make out of it

There was a man who searched for happiness and the meaning of life. He thought it´s a great idea to spend time without anybody to find his meaning in life. So the decided to go out into the forest, looking for a cave to sit and meditate alone.

So the man went off to the forest, but of course you position yourself close to the village, because you need food. So he sat there and started mantra. Whenever he got hungry, he came to the village got some food and went back.

And as night fell he noticed there was a fox, lying on the ground without any legs, but still he was well fed and healthy. Nature is not kind to any kind of incapability. If you lose your legs, you lose your life. But this fox has lost it’s legs but well fed and healthy. He was surprised.

He was wondering but decided to ignore it and focus on his meditation again. As night fell he heard the roar of a lion coming, he forgot about his meditation and climbed up a tree. He sat there and for his amazement, the lion, a full grown male lion came with a piece of meat and brought it and dropped it in front of the fox and went away.

The fox had it’s dinner. He couldn’t believe this. A crippled fox is being fed by a furious lion. Hallelujah. This is a miracle. This is a message from the divine.
What is it? What is it? What is it? And he was wondering and wondering and the next evening the lion came again with a piece of meat, dropped it in front of the fox and went away. Now he thought – for sure this is a message god is sending to me.

What is it? Then he interpreted it in his own way. He said : “Even a crippled fox in this forest is being fed by a lion, you fool, what are you going looking for food for, just sit here and it will come and fall in your mouth”. So he simply sat. One day, two days, three days, meditation became more like a struggle, fourth day even more, by the seventh day he was starving, he was between life and death.

Another yogi was passing that way, he heard these sounds of a man dying, he came down and asked : “What happened to you, why are you in this condition?”. The starving man said : “Oh yogi, please tell me. A divine message came to me, I went by the message and I became like this”. The yogi asked : “What happened?. The starving man said : “Look there, there is a crippled fox, every day that fox is being fed by a furious lion, is this not god’s message to me, is this not a divine message?”.

The yogi looked at him and said : “Definitely this is a divine message, but why is it that you chose to be like a crippled fox and not like a generous lion?

-From the words of Sadhguru

Published by Steffi Storz

Environmental scientist - Yoga teacher -- Route Setter - Mountain running - Mountain Biking

4 thoughts on “Life is what you make out of it

  1. Super Geschichte!
    Erinnert mich an eine meiner Beiträge: “Der Junge und der Löwe”.
    Könnte man ja quasi als die “göttliche Botschaft” einer Fortsetzung interpretieren…
    Philo. Grüße,

    Liked by 1 person

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