Moreno – Santa Maria La Longa, Italy

In Santa Maria La Longa (near Udine in Italy) Moreno host me for one night. While I was staying with him he told me many things about his traditional group. I was very interested and asked him to write a little story about his group for my “people around the world ” blog. I’m very thankful for your help Moreno!

The “Picche Mercenarie di Medeuzza” (Mercenary Pikes of Medeuzza) group recalls the history of the 1600s with weapons, historical clothing and objects. It was founded by Piemonte Gualtiero together with other members. It is made up of 24 people with the roles of a captain, a ensign, a sergeant, drummers, woodpeckers, cooks and sutlers.
He can set up a camp with tents, kitchen and numerous cannons of various types all working; the group participates in the events of “Palma alle armi” in Palmanova (UD) (every two years, the next date is in September 2020) and other national events, for example Castle of Gorizia (GO), Cormons (GO), Nadro (BS), and international, for example Bratislava (Slovakia), Tata (Hungary), Grolle (Netherlands).

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